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The art of internal struggle

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The art of mental illness

[*Mind Art*]

This is a community for people suffering to share their artwork. Whether you have a mental illness, an alcohol problem, a drug problem, maybe you're lonely, anything that's hard on you, and if you like to express yourself through art of photos, drawing, painting, writing, then come on in! Meet other people like you!

The art in here has to (although it's not a strict rule) relate to your illness in some way. It doesn't have to be obvious, it could be something very simple, as long as it relates to your problems. That's the whole point in it being "mind art".

Just a few rules:

You can post pictures that you took and edited, drawings, paintings, etc.
You can post writing, such as stories, poems, essays, etc.
You can post pictures with blood and cuts. Although please put these behind an lj-cut as some may find this triggering.
You can post pictures of nudity, although it has to be TASTEFUL, and behind an lj-cut

You can't post work that isn't your own and claim it as your own. If you're going to post someone else' work, then make sure you either have their permission or you credit that person. If you don't know who did it, then state that you don't know.
You can't bash/abuse/stalk/harass other users. If you think someone is doing this, then contact me.
You can't advertise in here.
You can't encourage other people to do harm to themselves, or mock their illness/problem.

Please remember to keep an open mind! We are all suffering from different things!

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